Available Load Listing

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Load# Call Available Origin City State Destination City State Dlv Dt Equip
LID4195736 844-619-9572 2020-05-18 San Diego CA Durham NC 2020-05-19 V
LID4208791 800-577-3878 2020-06-01 Gaston SC Concord NC 2020-06-02 V
LID4209932 800-577-3878 2020-06-03 Vineland NJ Charlotte NC 2020-06-05 RT
LID4205529 888-285-4514 2020-06-04 LAREDO TX SHELBY NC 2020-06-07 V
BN213048 9378270198 2020-06-04 HARTWELL GA HENDERSON NC 2020-06-05 V
LID4163019 800-577-3878 2020-07-16 Pineville NC INDIAN TRAIL NC 2020-07-20 V
LID4163018 800-577-3878 2020-07-20 Pineville NC INDIAN TRAIL NC 2020-07-22 V